Building Community Infrastructure
to Make Great Places

At Solutions + Co, we we build the structures that make great places.

Outdoor & Community Infrastructure Builders In Australia

There’s nothing we love more than making an outdoor space shine through the structures that support it. Structures that are accessible, diverse and resilient in the face of changing climatic conditions.We build the structures that host the most memorable community moments.

Our experience is 30 years strong, and we have the resources to adapt to our customer need everything from play structures, shelters, amenities buildings, bridges and boardwalks, stairs, street furniture and more. 


Outdoor Structures & Infrastructure We Build:

Clubhouses & Amenity Buildings

Adding style and function to your parks, sportsfields and other outdoor spaces.

Bridges, Boardwalks & Lookouts

Connecting hard to access places without impacting on our natural spaces.

Street Furniture

We design, build and install custom street furniture, adding character and functionality.

Play Structures

We deliver play spaces that connect, where youngsters play and adults gather.


Ensuring community members have shady and protected spaces for outdoor functions.

Access Points & Stairs

An essential access feature, providing pedestrians with safe and efficient connection points.

What is community infrastructure?

Community infrastructure encompasses the physical structures that weave the fabric of a community, ranging from roads and bridges to parks, schools, and gathering spaces. These elements are the backbone of our shared spaces, quietly supporting our daily lives and fostering connections. It serves as the framework that enables the seamless functioning of various components within a community, contributing to its overall stability and quality of life.

Imagine your favourite neighbourhood spot, where laughter echoes in the air and friendships bloom – that’s the magic of community infrastructure at work. It’s the playground slides that make for endless hours of enjoyment, the well-maintained park shelters where families rest while children play, and the bridges that offer so much more than just an A to B.  Through our community infrastructure, we transform a space into a thriving, interconnected community, where each element plays a vital role in enhancing our collective well-being.

Who We Work With:

  • State and Local Governments
  • Landscape Architects
  • Builders, Developers & Engineers
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Commercial Organisations
  • National Park Groups

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Why choose Solutions + Co to Build your community infrastructure

Who We Are

We have 30 years experience in the construction of community infrastructure. And with the backing of a large company, we can provide the flexibility you need. We get the job done, delivering to deadlines and making sure our commitments are met.

Our aim on every project is to ensure you have a pleasurable experience, streamlining the process so you can go about your normal day-to-day. From our work at Gosford Leagues Club, to our recent delivery at Wadanggari Park, our investment in systems and people ensures we deliver consistent and quality outcomes. 

Solutions + Co is committed to providing a fun work environment for all our staff. We continue to place significant importance on their extensive training and are strong advocates for helping our team get where they want to be.

Maintaining A Light Footprint

We realise the impact building can have on the climate and environment, so we explore sustainable options where ever possible. We take our environmental and social responsibilities seriously. Recognising the carbon emissions created by our work, paired with the fact that our work often takes place in environmentally sensitive areas, we understand the importance of maintaining these balanced landscapes and leaving as little trace of having been there as possible.

We’re making our process more sustainable by utilising recycled materials wherever possible, and prefabricated construction materials to reduce wastage and to reduce delivery transportation requirements.

Working with landscape Architects

Armed with our expertise in construction and structural engineering, we work hand-in-hand with landscape architects to deliver on their artistic vision.  Together, we can meld functionality with aesthetics. Considering not only the physical structures but, when working together with our landscaping division, also deliver the surrounding greenery, pathways, and open spaces. We work with landscape architects to infuse the environment with purposeful design, ensuring a balance between man-made structures and the natural world. This dynamic collaboration results in urban community infrastructure that stands as a feat of engineering but also integrates seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

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We offer a complete service so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. From the design through to the engineering and installation, we draw on our 30 years of building experience to deliver a quality and functional product.