Our Range of Services

From amenities buildings for your new sports field to pedestrian access bridges and shade shelters for respite from the weather, we can construct it.

Amenities Building

Amenity buildings while being a necessity, have the potential to add character to a park or sportsfield, often being one of just a few structures being built. These buildings can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Standard options are available but we will also work with you to develop your idea into a building that is structurally feasible while also being sympathetic to the landscape and aesthetically pleasing.

Pedestrian Bridges

Pedestrian Bridges need to serve a purpose, transporting people from place to place in a safe and efficient manner. We design and build durable access bridges out of materials that are best suited to the site conditions, taking future maintenance issues into account. We don’t however sacrifice on looks. We create functional works of art that embody the characteristics and personality of the local community.


Whether they weave through otherwise impenetrable bushland, line our iconic coastlines or decorate our stunning recreational spaces, boardwalks are a crucial piece of community infrastructure. Much like pedestrian bridges, we will design and build your boardwalk out of materials best suited to your design vision, ensuring we cause as little impact to the surrounding landscape as possible, especially in environmentally sensitive areas.

Artwork, Murals & Play Structures

Art that challenges people to think, enjoy and potentially attract people to a location who otherwise would never have gone there. Make a dramatic statement, engaging the locals and fostering a sense of connection between the community and the environment. We specialise in the installation and construction of both artwork and murals, ensuring design feasibility. We specify strong materials that will endure the challenges age brings with it, in particular addressing issues around weather resistance.

Deck & Viewing Platforms

For many in your local community, viewing and observation platforms are the places where unforgettable experiences happen. We build sleek and architecturally excellent viewing platforms in prime positions so that you can provide your clients with the scenic outlook and wow factor they demand. We can design viewing platforms that are informed by the layout of surrounding buildings or inspired by the natural area. Enhance it further with a deck that boasts quality workmanship.


Shelters are a crucial aspect to any successfully designed public or open space, providing respite from the wind, protection from the sun and producing the vital shady spaces that are often missing in new parks as trees and shrubs become established. We have a range of standard shelters available and can custom design structures to suit your specific needs. Gable roof, corrosion resistant, environmentally friendly – we will work alongside you to develop a structure that fits in with what you envisage for your space.

Entry Features

A strong and attractive entry feature is a powerful element in any outdoor space. In many respects, it’s the make or break in the success of a project and the best form of brand exposure there is. An entry feature should be clear, easy to read, connotating warmth, safety, familiarity and reputability. We consider position to determine how you can best make an impact, all while adhering to your budget.

Access Points & Stairs

Ensure pedestrians are connected safely and efficiently to where they want to be through enduring stair and access point construction. Whether you’re facing traffic, large bodies of water or simply a steep incline that needs to be pedestrian friendly, we can build functional access points that range from a basic package to the most appealing of masterpieces.