Wadanggari Park

Wadanggari Park, St Leonards was created for Lane Cove Council by builder Arenco, with landscape architecture by Arcadia Landscape Architecture. Our team completed the design and construct of the play structures.

Constructed above the North Shore railway line, this park was designed to seamlessly connect residential and commercial communities with retail and hospitality precincts and the train station underpass below.

Our task was to design, engineer, fabricate and construct a multi-level, multi-zoned playground, bringing to life the architectural vision. It needed to cater to children of all ages. The stunning play space was designed to represent the life stages of the Banksia, an iconic native flower integral to Lane Cove ecological communities.

The build of this playground required extensive collaboration between engineers, draftsman, playground certifiers, architects and fabricators. The design brief for the steel structures was organic, and required innovative thinking to produce the desired profiles and best represent the Banksia stages.

Access posed challenges during construction, with the only access method for the installation being craneage from street level. Our team carefully considered material weights, size and sequencing, and all materials were lifted up over 15m on to the railway overpass deck from ground level. The playground was modulised to reduce on-site construction time.

The play structures were also developed with maintenance and repairs in mind, considering the limited future access. Aluminium cladding, a more corrosive resistant material was used where applicable.

The first over rail park in Australia, these structures provide the growing local community with some much-needed play space, providing infant pods, bridges, climbing nets, viewing decks, slides and more.