New South Wales

Sydenham Green

A structure symbolic of the former alter

We were engaged to undertake construction works for a landscape interpretation at the site of the former Coptic Church at Sydenham Green, Sydenham.

Built in 1884, the former building became the first Coptic Church in Australia and the first to be owned by Coptic migrants outside of Egypt. A fire in 2017 left the building severely damaged and as a result the decision was made to demolish the building.

We worked alongside designers Phillips Marler and Landscape Solutions, constructing the memorial sculpture which now stands on a landscaped platform surrounded by new park furniture and landscape plantings.

The structure is symbolic of the former alter, built in the same location. The memorial piece consisted of 4 – 6m+ polished pre-cast concrete arches (approximately 2.5 tons each) that were joined by a stainless-steel Coptic Cross as the centerpiece.

The colourful aluminum discs of the in the archway are representative of heaven and feature the Coptic colours. The archways were installed with two cranes working simultaneously to create the archway piece-by-piece. This is a unique structure that is a fitting representation of where the Church once stood.