New South Wales

Chinese Gardens, Nurragingy

A picturesque garden symbolic of gesture of friendship

Located within Nurragingy Reserve, the exquisite Chang Lai Yuan Chinese Gardens were cooperatively designed and constructed by Blacktown City Council, Liaocheng Municipal Government in China and Landscape Solutions. We worked alongside Landscape Solutions.

The architectural style of the structures within the garden is based on the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty in China, and feature a gateway, Seven Arch stone bridge, Light Mountain Pavillion and a waterfall gazebo. Very picturesque, stunning and relaxing, the garden is a symbolic gesture of friendship.

Innovative methods were drawn upon to adapt and change the traditional building styles and materials to suit Australian & New Zealand standards. This included substituting traditional timber structure elements for concrete. These concrete elements were critical to the overall success of the project as they needed to appear to be timber.

The timber elements of the pavillion, gazebo and gateway were fully constructed in China, then deconstructed and shipped here in containers. They were treated again in Australian quarantine in QLD before arriving onsite to be reassembled by Chinese carpenters, and hand-painted by Chinese artisans.

The eye-catching 7 arch bridge is made from Xiamen granite and features carved balustrades and abutments, while the landscape itself is further enhanced by 250t of limestone individually situated around the granite pavement and seating.